Thursday, March 03, 2005

Classics and 64th Navamsa from lagna

By Shree PVR Narasimha in Reply to Shree Satya Prakash Choudhary

Dear Satya,

I am aware that some people reckon the 64th navamsa from Moon. But I find it amusing that you say so emphatically that the 64th navamsa is "never" taken from lagna.

Each house from each planet (and lagna) has some meaning or the other. After all, that is the basic premise behind ashtakavarga! I certainly agree that the 8th house cusp from Moon is vital, especially in D-9, D-16, D-27, D-30 etc. But I respectfully disagree when you say that the 8th house cusp from lagna has no meaning in navamsa.

* * *

In our tradition, the cusp of the 8th house from lagna is called the "Khara" point and its lords in various divisions (including navamsa) are used. Like I said earlier, the lord of the sign containing the cusp of the 8th house from lagna in a divisional
chart gives inauspicious results related to the matters shown by that chart.

In general, cusps of various houses from lagna are key points in a chart. Just as the cusp of 8th is evil, cusp of 9th brings protection and fortune. Here, we take Vedic cusps (which are at 30 deg from each other).

I gave the example of Indira Gandhi yesterday. The cusps of her 8th and 9th houses from lagna fall in Libra and Cancer in D-10 (respectively). She became PM in Moon's AD and was out of power almost exactly during Venus AD.

Let me give some more examples.

* * *

Rajiv Gandhi's lagna is at 14Le45. The cusp of the 8th house is at 14Pi45 and the cusp of the 9th house is at 14Ar45. Please note that 14Ar45 falls in Leo in D-10 and 14Pi45 falls in Leo in D-12. Sun is the lord of both.

In his chart, Shashtihayani dasa is the most applicable nakshatra dasa (as Sun is in lagna) and gives impeccable results. His Sun mahadasa as per Shashtihayani dasa started in 1984. As soon as the dasa started, there was a misfortune related to mother (8th cusp in D-12!)and fortune in career (9th cusp in D-10!). His mother was assassinated and he became India's PM.

Now take George HW Bush (papa Bush). His lagna is at 17Le23. The cusp of the 9th house is at 17Ar23. It falls in Virgo in D-10. Mercury is the lord. The good ols Vimsottari dasa is the best nakshatra dasa in his chart. The mahadasa of Mercury made him US president!

Take the 8th house cusp now, which is at 17Pi23. This falls in Ar in D-10. Mars is the lord. Mars antardasa during Jan 1992-Jan 1993 saw his loss in elections!

Now take son Bush. George W Bush has lagna at 14Cn47. The 9th house cusp is at 14Pi47. In D-10, this point falls in Pi. Lord is Jupiter. In his chart, the best applicable nakshatra dasa is Dwisaptati sama dasa (7th lord Saturn is in lagna). The 9-year Jupiter dasa is running since spring 2000! This dasa made him US president.

Take the chart of Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. Her lagna is at 10Vi39. The cusp of the 9th house is at 10Ta39 and it falls in Ar in D-10. Vimsottari dasa of Mars started in 2000 and has been a fortunate period in her career.

Finally, take the chart of my namesake - late Indian PM Sri PV Narasimha Rao. His lagna is at 24Vi20. The cusps of 8th and 9th houses are at 24Ar20 and 24Ta20. They fall in Sg and Vi respectively. Lords are Jupiter and Mercury respectively. In his
chart, the 10th lord Mercury is in 10th and hence Chaturaseeti sama dasa is the most applicable nakshatra dasa. It was during Mercury's Chaturaseeti sama dasa that he became India's PM! In the next dasa of Jupiter, he was totally sidelined by his own Congress party. In Jupiter dasa, he did a lot of writing and his writings were in the
public eye. It is interesting to note that the cusp of the 3rd house (of writing) falls in Pisces in D-10.

* * *

There are simple techniques like this that work consistently in real charts. These techniques are applicable in annual charts also.

When applying them in natal charts, the key is to use the correct nakshatra dasa. When you use the correct nakshatra dasa, a lot of simple principles of Jyotish work cleanly and consistently.
But some people want to always use Vimsottari dasa as if it was some kind of panacea. They probably think that Maharshi Parasara wasted his precious time by teaching so many dasas. God bless them!

* * *

Now, one practical note. If you want to see where the cusp of 8th or 9th or 6th house falls in various divisional charts like D-9, D- 10, D-12 etc, you can use a convenient feature of JHora. Select "Edit" in the top menu and "User defined special point". Now, define the special point. You can specify any special point at any number of degrees, minutes and seconds ahead of (or behind) lagna or any planet or any sahamam. If you define a special point that is 210 deg ahead of lagna, it is the cusp of 8th house. If you define a special point that is 240 deg ahead of lagna, it is the cusp of 9th house. You can also try cusps of 3rd house from Mars, 5th house from Jupiter etc. You can even select sahamams. For example, you can check where punya sahamam falls in dasamsa! There is also an icon to access this feature.

* * *

> 1. Place the degrees of the Moon in the sign eighth from the Moon.
> Find the Navamsa for this.
> 2. The sign falling in the 4th from Moon in D-9 (Navamsa) is the
> 64th Navamsa
> Check both ways and you will get the same answer.

In general, the cusps of all houses from lagna (or some other reference) fall in quadrants from it in navamsa. The cusps of dharma trikonas (1st, 5th and 9th) fall in the 1st house in navamsa. The cusps of artha trikonas (2nd, 6th and 10th) fall in the 10th house in navamsa. The cusps of kaama trikonas (3rd, 7th and 11th) fall in the 7th house in navamsa. The cusps of moksha trikonas (4th, 8th and 12th) fall in the 4th house in navamsa. Ponder over the significance of this!

BTW, Satya, do you have any classical basis for seeing diseases in general (and not just hereditary diseases) in D-12?

In our tradition, we consider D-30 to show the root cause of diseases. D-30 is a sub-conscious level chart and shows sub- conscious weaknesses and the paapa purusha (evil personified) inside each person. It shows one's inner enemies (while D-6 shows external enemies). We consider the inner enemies and sub-conscious weaknesses are the root cause of disease.

Part I

I always admired your erudition and respected your scholarship greatly. I never thought even in a dream that I could catch the man who seems to have every reference book with him off guard like this! :-)

> 4. Classically the 64th Navamsa is almost always seen from the MOON.
> (my overall emphasis, though I still maintain that the classics
> never do it from lagna)

This is factually incorrect. Please read the first chapter in "Predicting through Navamsa and Nadi Astrology" by C.S. Patel. That chapter is basically an article published in Astrological Magazine in 1985. He gives several classical references to support the 64th navamsa from lagna. He even quoted Parasara's BPHS to support the usage of 64th navaamsas from lagna and Moon (but I could not locate those verses in the BPHS I have and there may be some numbering problem).

Here are some other classical references given by Patel (the meanings given under the verses are in my words).

(1) Prasna Margam 9-60, 9-61

lagna janmapayoh shatroo nijaashtama patee yadi |
samau vaa yadi vaa bandhoo swalpa madhya chiraayushah ||
chandraamsheshasya tadbhooshaa navaamsheshothavaa raaveh |
lagnesho vaapi yadyevam swalpa madhya chiraayushah ||

Meaning: If the lords of 1st and 8th houses from lagna and Moon are inimical or neutral and friendly, the native has short, middle or long life. Similarly, deduce short, middle or long life from the lords of the 1st and 64th navamsas from that of Moon or Sun or lagna.

Thus, there is a reference to the 64th navamsa from Moon, Sun and lagna here!

(2) Hora Ratnam (8-27)

janma lagnaamshakaachchandra navaamshaadatha vaapi vaa |
raahau chatuh shashtimite nidhanam cha vinirdishet ||

Meaning: If Rahu is [transiting] in the 64th navamsa from the navamsa occupied by natal lagna or even Moon, death may be indicated.

(3) Jataka Desa Margam (7-19)

janmani lagnopagataachchandropagataannavaamshakaadvaapi |
chturuttara shashtyamshakabhe lagne vaa samaadishenmaranam ||

Meaning: If [transit] lagna is in the sign containing the 64th navamsa from the
navamsa containing lagna or Moon at birth, death may be indicated.

* * *

I am aware of the "Jataka Parijatam" quote. But some other "classics" do mention both lagna and Moon in the context of the 64th navamsa. Forget lagna, even Sun was mentioned by Prasna Marga!

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6