Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mundane astrology-Shree Gopal Krishnan

By Shree Gopal Krishnan

hello list members,

there has been request from few people to post my views on mundane astrology. i have written this piece based on that request. i will reply if there is geninue query if some kind of mud slinging is done i will bless those and pray god for them to have right frame of mind. nowhere i have intended to put down any astrologer or jyotish system or any school. in terms of volume , accuracy range i will easily rank the best among the indian astrologers though i donot have huge school or any assocation. happy reading.



Mundane astrology

This is a branch of astrology which is used to predict the events of nations. Of course nations donot marry or have children there fore the houses schemes need to be modified. Many successful predictions of mine is given in mundane astrology. Many people ask me what is trick of the trade I use or put is astrologer ask me what is the astrology techniques I use.

Following is my suggestion

First what are the are in mundane astrology can be predicted.

Elections this means Indian parliament elections, the usa presidential elections, uk elections or any election in the states.

Wars- basically the world has become such a peaceful place that world wars will also become non existent. War between countries will be common. I had predicted successfully the afghan war, the start of iraq war ( I had done by sep when many astrologer started seeing trend in the dec or jan ) , post iraq
war .

Sports – Indian being cricket obsessed there is constant clamoring for the matches. Of course football, tennis , golf motor sports is also gaining lot of importance. New research needs to be done .

Stock markets and price of commodities –

This also very successful area on mine. Please understand that I have done only for Indian markets for which the results can be extrapolated for the other index also.
Price of gold silver and other items like petrol etc can also be predicted. I have given one or two prediction for gold and petrol which came out true.

Natural calamities like floods, earth quakes etc.add to this areas is the tsunami research. Air crashes, shipr crashes can be added to this area.

The yearly predictions for India is a very important area. Many successful prediction for many sectors can be done very easily with out much effort. Of course what is done by economy professor and research analyst can be easily beaten by astrologer who has some knowledge on these subjects.

Cinema and celebrity profiles can be other area which is also seen.

How to become a very good mundane astrologer.

Many astrologer has the knack of saying all negative things about India and the world . this is due to the lack of knowledge .

Following is the subject idea in needed for mundane astrology- geography, history , ecnomics, international politics, geology is needed. This can be done on the plus two level of Indian syllabus. Many astrologer make a ass of themselves with out understanding these subjects. So before one venture in to this side it is very important to have sound knowledge or atleast a basic level in Indian astrology/.

Now the technical parts.

This is written purely on a noble basis and not to hurt any astrologer.

Use simple techniques this will help u predict very quickly.

I use the Indian independence horoscope of 1947 aug 15 midnight 12.01 as the main chart for the Indian predictions. This is fairly will give u very accurate ideas. Many astrologer use jamini astrology ,so many charkas suray vithi , sanskarathi chart that almost one can leads to the paralysis by analysis. I have hardly rely on this. This may surprises many astrology gurus who use a variety of techniques to dazzle people but donot predict.

For the prediction of the election results one needs to use the swearing ceremony chart which will clearly predict .for example how will be bush presidency in the coming 4 years can be predicted using his swearing ceremony than any other details. This can be done for any place in the world.

Most of the celebrity horoscope use by Indian astrologer are wrong. They have all kinds of fanciful theories and write jargons. Most of the successful Indian politicians and celebrity come from cancer , Taurus, vrichika and simha lagna. I have seen the chart of the mr.advani were tenth lord is in the 12 th house and neecha used by many astrologer. Always understand that tenth lord will be very powerful for the celebrities. This is one of the best way to check the charts.

The books of the varahamihra will give u fair idea on the success in mundane astrology.

Many people forget that varahamihra in is entire books write more on the external signs and transits to write. Use this common sense approach. The clues thrown by astronomical changes will give a fair idea on how to predict for mundane astrology

Donot believe in any of the secret parampara techniques. Most of it Is out and rest can not be used unless they are modernized. Try to develop a systematic approach towards the mundane astrology. People just con and make money in name of parmpara. The common techniques will give u fair edge over astrologer who donot believe or use these techniques properly. I have used for example 22nd drekkana for predicting veerpan death.

Donot concentrate on mass deaths and death of any leader or war. Then u will lot of pain . most of the people who make sensational predictions really fall flat. Example is the third world war. Many of prediction on positive issues like economics etc. the flip side is use the statistical analysis shown in television. I went one of the astrologer office were he was writing prediction on algore will win based on polls results. he obviously went wrong. Trying to supplement astrology based on poll results or tv shows will rarely work.

I read economic times , watch bbc news and also ndtv some business news on regular basis.

Many people try to imitate and copy other astrologer. Some people even get awards. It is ok donot do that try to stick to ur own areas of interest and specialization this will give u a lot of confidence’s. u can cheat some people some time but not all people all the time/.

Don’t behave like idiot. Some astrologer say rahul Gandhi will join the bjp. If u ask for charts they don’t have. This kind of prediction will spoil ur name and also astrology community name. If are sure of the chart please predict this will give u fairly good idea.

Finally I don’t have huge name and clout like many great guru in astrology this take a lot of pressure of my head. In terms of predictions and volume area and range I can easily will be in top slot. Use intuition this will also lead to good predictions.

Donot put down others. Many astrologer do not want to even recognize other astrologer who do good work or appreciate other people effort. This has karmic impact in the long run.

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6