Thursday, March 24, 2005

Simple Thumb Rules-Computing Bhoga rasi

Namaste Sushmita,

> Dear PVR,
> I appreciate this post. I would re-read it and reply by the night. Can you kindly point me out to the lesson number in ur audio MP3s which contain the lecture on Bhoga.
> On your website, other topics were mentioned, maybe you have used it in the examples.
> Warm regards,
> Sushmita

Unfortunately, I don't remember in which lesson I introduced this. But the concept of bhoga (counting from mahadasa lord to antardasa lord and counting the same signs from antardasa loord) is a standard principle I use in nakshatra dasa interpretation and you will find many examples if you listen to the audio lessons.

It is one of those simple thumb rules used by village pundits that work quite well.

Let me mention another simple thumb rule.

Village pundits count from the rasi position of a planet to its navamsa position. The number of signs gives the effective house of the planet. Suppose a planet is in Gemini rasi and Scorpio navamsa. It will give the 6th house results.

Though navamsa is a very important division because it shows poorva punya and the overall fortune, it's not the only division that exists. So you can extend this principle to other divisions, like D-10, D-16, D-20, D-24 etc.

For example, I have Saturn in Aries in rasi chart and in Leo in D-24 chart (learning). So Saturn gives the results of the 5th house in education. No wonder Saturn dasa gave me a lot of scholarship and fame.

I ran Saturn dasa from the age of 5 to the age of 24. I passed 2 examinations equivalent to BA degree in Sanskrit by the age of 11 and an exam equivalent to BA degree in Hindi by the age of 12. At 11, I was quite good in Sanskrit and could write poetry in classical meters. I stood first in my state in intermediate (12th class) and went to IIT-Madras, which is one of the best engineering institutes in India. I was second in my class there with a GPA of over 9 (out of 10). Overall, Saturn dasa was excellent for learning and gave me a lot of success in everything I tried to learn. There are several reasons, but the thumb rule also points in the same direction.

Take Sri K.N. Rao. He ran Mercury dasa from 1986 to 2003. He wrote and edited many books and articles in this dasa. In fact, he was the most prolific Indian Jyotish writer during this dasa. Why?

There are many reasons, but our thumb rule gives a decent pointer. Sri Rao has Mercury in Virgo in rasi chart and in Scorpio in D-10 and D-24. So Mercury gives the results of 3rd house (communications) in D-10 (activities in society) and D-24 (learning). No wonder he has been a prolific writer in this dasa!

There are many such simple thumb rules that are cool and work nicely. Unfortunately, astrologers who know these thumb rules are quite secretive about them and keep them to themselves.

If we want a renaissance in Jyotish knowledge in the coming few decades, we have to change this attitude.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6