Thursday, March 24, 2005

Too many mundane charts: What, when and how?

By Shree Narasimha P.V.R. Rao"
Namaste friends,

There was a discussion on fortnightly charts yesterday.

Students may be overwhelmed by the myriad mundane charts that exist - various annual charts, monthly charts and fortnightly charts. When to use what and what to see in each chart may be confusing. I want to shed some light on that based on my experience. I also want to talk about a simple rasi dasa that I never talked about before.

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Parasara taught at the beginning of BPHS about the time periods governed by planets. For example, Sun governs the division of time into ayanas (half-years); Jupiter governs the division of time into months (fortnights); Saturn governs the division of time into years, and so on.

Did you ever wonder what that means? Did you ever wonder how to use that information?

Well, one of its uses is in prasna (horary astrology), in timing events from prasna chart. The other use is in understanding the basis behind various mundane charts like paksha chakras, maasa chakras and varsha chakras.

The division of time into fortnights is governed by Venus. So paksha chakras (fortnightly charts) throw light on jala tattva matters and matters signified by Venus. Financial markets, material prosperity, happiness or lack of it, harmony and well-being of society, rains and weather are the focus of fortnightly charts. Make the New Moon and Full Moon charts every fortnight at the capital of a nation and study them to see the results for a fortnight.

The division of time into ayanas (half-years) is governed by Sun. So ayana chakras (half-yearly charts) throw light on agni tattva matters and matters signified by Sun. Political developments are the focus of half-yearly charts.

Thus, fortnightly charts, monthly charts, half-yearly charts and annual charts are all useful. Each is seen for a specific purpose and hence there is no clash or confusion between various charts.

Many dasas are applicable when compressed to the period of the chart, but the dasa that works the best in my experience is Sama Narayana dasa. Find it like Narayana dasa, but use equal dasas rather than the normal chara dasa lengths used in Narayana dasa! Mu guru Pt Sanjay Rath taught me this dasa in the context of annual Tithi Pravesha chakras and said I could find the months of important events using it. I found it applicable in mundane charts.

I will illustrate this using examples!

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Event: Terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 morning in USA
Previous Fortnightly Chart: 2 September 2001, 5:43:44 pm (EDT), Washington DC
Duration of the Fortnight: 14.5307 civil days (or 15 tithis)

Make the chart. You will see that Mars and Ketu are in the 12th house in Sagittarius with Mandi and Gulika. This can show a loss caused by a secret enemy (12th) who is violent and fanatical (Mars and Ketu). Compress the dasas and get

Sama Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Cn: 2001-09-02 (17:43:44) - 2001-09-03 (22:54:01)
Ge: 2001-09-03 (22:54:01) - 2001-09-05 (4:03:10)
Ta: 2001-09-05 (4:03:10) - 2001-09-06 (9:11:13)
Ar: 2001-09-06 (9:11:13) - 2001-09-07 (14:18:04)
Pi: 2001-09-07 (14:18:04) - 2001-09-08 (19:23:43)
Aq: 2001-09-08 (19:23:43) - 2001-09-10 (0:28:09)
Cp: 2001-09-10 (0:28:09) - 2001-09-11 (5:31:14)
Sg: 2001-09-11 (5:31:14) - 2001-09-12 (10:33:02) <<<<
Sc: 2001-09-12 (10:33:02) - 2001-09-13 (15:33:34)
Li: 2001-09-13 (15:33:34) - 2001-09-14 (20:32:55)
Vi: 2001-09-14 (20:32:55) - 2001-09-16 (1:31:00)
Le: 2001-09-16 (1:31:00) - 2001-09-17 (6:27:56)

The attack came in Sg dasa (12th house) containing Mars, Ketu and Mandi. Mars is at 3 deg 18 min in the sign Sg. So his result comes roughly after 3/30, i.e. 1/10th of the dasa, is over. This means about 3 hours from the beginning of dasa. This gives around 8:30-9:00 am on 11 Sept 2001.

The fortnightly chart does not show a terrorist attack per se. It shows lack of peace in the country, shock in country, financial turmoil in the country as a result of the terrorist attack.

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Event: Babri masjid demolition in Ayodhya, India on 6 December 1992
Previous Fortnightly Chart: 24 November 1992, 2:41:57 pm (IST, New Delhi
Duration of the Fortnight: 15.6037 civil days (or 15 tithis)

Make the chart. You will see that Rahu is in the 9th house of religion with debilitated 5th lord Moon, 6th lord Sun and badhakesha Mercury. Affliction of 5tjh lord Moon by Rahu shows mass hysteria. Affliction of Sun by Rahu shows political turmoil and intrigue. Affliction of 6th lord by Rahu in 9th shows communal clashes. Placement of badhakesha in 9th shows destruction of religious places (textbook result of badhakesha in 9th: "breaking of idols") and religious problems.

With all these planets, clearly Scorpio, 9th house of religion, is the house of trouble. Now look at the compressed Sama Narayana dasa.

Sama Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Vi: 1992-11-24 (14:41:57) - 1992-11-25 (20:00:46)
Cp: 1992-11-25 (20:00:46) - 1992-11-27 (2:17:07)
Ta: 1992-11-27 (2:17:07) - 1992-11-28 (9:33:55)
Ge: 1992-11-28 (9:33:55) - 1992-11-29 (17:45:53)
Li: 1992-11-29 (17:45:53) - 1992-12-01 (2:38:13)
Aq: 1992-12-01 (2:38:13) - 1992-12-02 (11:47:43)
Pi: 1992-12-02 (11:47:43) - 1992-12-03 (20:47:06)
Cn: 1992-12-03 (20:47:06) - 1992-12-05 (5:11:04)
Sc: 1992-12-05 (5:11:04) - 1992-12-06 (12:41:38) <<<<
Sg: 1992-12-06 (12:41:38) - 1992-12-07 (19:10:23)
Ar: 1992-12-07 (19:10:23) - 1992-12-09 (0:37:52)
Le: 1992-12-09 (0:37:52) - 1992-12-10 (5:11:17)

It was in the dasa of Scorpio that the kar sevaks started the demolition. Rahu is close to 29 deg in Sc. So his result comes around when 29/30 of the dasa is over. So it comes in the last hour of the dasa. The demolition started shortly after noon.

Next dasa Sg is is the 10th house and contains 8th lord Venus. Next day, central and state governments came under heavy criticism.

* * *


Event: Tremendous political pressure on Musharraf following 11 September 2001
Previous half-yearly (ayana pravesha) chart: 16 July 2001, 12:19:43 pm, Islamabad
Duration of the Half year: 181.894 civil days (or 180 deg motion of Sun)

Being an ayana level chart, it shows political developments - power manuevres and policy changes.

In this chart, Virgo rises. The 10th house of leadership, Gemini, has lagna and 10th lord Mercury, afflicted by Rahu within 1 degree. Badhakesha Jupiter also afflicts Mercury.

This shows powerful foreign influences (Rahu) coming on the nation (lagna lord) and its leadership (10th lord) during the year and moulding the policies of the government (10th house).

The Sama Narayana dasa calculations are shown below:

Sama Narayana Dasa of D-1 chart (a versatile phalita rasi dasa):

Vi: 2001-07-16 (12:19:44) - 2001-08-01 (5:09:49)
Cp: 2001-08-01 (5:09:49) - 2001-08-16 (20:40:26)
Ta: 2001-08-16 (20:40:26) - 2001-09-01 (9:56:50)
Ge: 2001-09-01 (9:56:50) - 2001-09-16 (20:35:18) <<<<
Li: 2001-09-16 (20:35:18) - 2001-10-02 (4:09:08)
Aq: 2001-10-02 (4:09:08) - 2001-10-17 (8:33:26)
Pi: 2001-10-17 (8:33:26) - 2001-11-01 (9:52:26)
Cn: 2001-11-01 (9:52:26) - 2001-11-16 (8:22:49)
Sc: 2001-11-16 (8:22:49) - 2001-12-01 (4:34:33)
Sg: 2001-12-01 (4:34:33) - 2001-12-15 (23:02:22)
Ar: 2001-12-15 (23:02:22) - 2001-12-30 (16:31:41)
Le: 2001-12-30 (16:31:41) - 2002-01-14 (9:47:05)

Gemini is the sign we talked about earlier. Its dasa ran from Sept 1 to Sept 16. Shortly after the September 11 attacks, US government put tremendous pressure on Musharraf government to turn against Taliban and co-operate in the "war on terror". On September 13, Colin Powell called Musharraf and gave a specific list of demands. On September 14, Musharraf's cabinet and national security council met in Pakistan and decided to agree to US demands. On September 15, Powell publicly confirmed that Pakistan agreed to co-operate. On the same day, Bush called Musharraf to than him.

Thus, foreign pressure and the process of change in policy started in Gemini dasa.

* * *


Each type of mundane charts (fortnightly, monthly, semi-annual and annual charts) has a specific focus area that is governed by the rulership of planets over the division of time into various units. As the examples above show, Sama Narayana dasa works well with mundane charts. As I showed in another mail, compressed nakshatra dasas also give good results. But the dasa I discussed above is my favorite.

A lot of what I wrote above is my own research, but it is based on the teachings of tradition. My contribution was to make sense of the teachings of tradition and put the pieces together, rather than creating new pieces.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6