Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lord Krishna-Possible Chart

> The traditional horoscope of Lord Krishna, the younger
> brother of Balarama which has come down is described in
> Chaurasai Vaishnavan ki Varta (in Vraj Bhasha, a dialect
> of Hindi) also basing it on Garga Samhita where it is
> described as:
> About the birth of Lord Krishna, the astrological
> description given in Garga Samhita (Gita Press, page 28)
> is:
> 1. Bhadra Maas
> 2. Krishna Paksha
> 3. Rohini Nakshatra
> 4. Harshan Yoga
> 5. Ashtami Tithi
> 6. Vrisha Lagna
> The horoscope is Vrisha Lagna, with Moon and Ketu in it,
> Sun in Simha, Mercury in Kanya, Venus and Saturn in Tula,
> Rahu in Vrischika, Mars in Makar, Jupiter in Meena.
> Four exalted planets and two in their own houses.
> =====
> Yours sincerely,
> K.N.Rao.

Namaste Sir,

Using a computer, I searched from 5400 BC to 999 BC. I searched using Lahiri ayanamsa with a tolerance of 3 degrees. In other words, I searched using Lahiri ayanamsa and all ayanamsas that are upto 3 degrees higher or lower than Lahiri ayanamsa.

Even with a 6 degree variation in ayanamsa, the planetary position given by you never occurred in the time period searched!

The best match I got was 7 out of 9 planets. All the nine planets never occupied the positions given by you during 5400 BC - 999 BC.

When I searched for a Sri Krishna chart in the past, one interesting chart I found was: 4th June 4440 BC midnight (extrapolating Gregorian calendar). This chart has Harshana yoga, Rohini Moon in Taurus lagna, Rahu and Ketu in Virgo and Pisces, Venus in Libra in Devalokamsa in dasa vargas (and Poornachandramsa in shodasa vargas) and Saturn in Libra in Brahmalokamsa in dasa vargas (and Poornachandramsa in shodasa vargas), Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer, Sun in Leo and Mars in Scorpio. This chart has 3 exalted planets and 3 planets in own sign. This chart satisfies Parasara's condition on Vishnu's avataras, viz two raja yoga giving planets occupying atleast Devalokamsa (both). Lagna lord Venus and 9th/10th lord Saturn both occupy Devalokamsa or higher and they are within 34 arc-min from each other, giving a raja yoga of the highest order. Thus, this chart could belong to an avatara of Vishnu as per Parasara.

Though some scholars opine that Kali Yuga started as soon as Lord Krishna left this world, some scholars such as B. Suryanarain Rao argue that there could be a gap. They argue that Kali Yuga started after (and not "immediately" after) the Lord left. A gap of about 1,000 years is acceptable according to them.

This chart may or may not be the correct one, but it astronomically occurs and it satisfies Parasara's criterion on Vishnu's avataras and satisfies all the criteria given in Puranas.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,
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