Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jagannatha Drekkana

> What you call as Jagannatha Drekkana is not different from the one
> explained by Parashara.Thus it is Parashara Drekkana itself.The
> following is the definition i find from local language books for
> Drekkana).

I don't know what books you have, but I am referring to the "Jagannatha
Drekkana" chart taught by Pt Sanjay Rath in his book "Jamini Maharishi's Upadesa
Sutras". That is the chart used by Visti Larsen in the article I referred to.

The 3 parts of all fiery signs are mapped to Ar, Le and Sg. The 3 parts of all
earthy signs are mapped to Cp, Ta, Vi. The 3 parts of all airy signs are mapped
to Li, Aq and Ge. The 3 parts of all watery signs are mapped to Cn, Sc and Pi.

Drekkanas of movable signs are mapped the same way in Jagannatha Drekkana and
Parasara Drekkana. But the mapping is different for the drekkanas of fixed and
dual signs. Please go thru the definition and figure this out.

For example, 10-20 deg of Leo is mapped to Sg in Parasara drekkana and to Le in
Jagannatha drekkana.

> It was not the drekkana ''chart'' that was meant for describing
> other matters ,rather the Drekkana.Can you pls explain this using
> the chart?
> For example 22nd Drekkana.Here Drekkana chart has no relevance.It is
> related to the 22nd drekkana from lagna or 8th house from Lagna in
> natal chart.Depending on the degree of natal Lagna, 22nd drekkana
> will fall on first, 2nd or 3rd Drekkanas of the 8th house in the
> natal chart.

You are missing the fact that we are talking about the 22nd drekkana LORD and
not just about 22nd drekkana.

If 25 deg in Leo rises, the 22nd drekkana is 20-30 deg in Pisces. As far as
counting 22nd drekkana and checking transits in it are concerned, the drekkana
chart used does not matter. The 22nd drekkana is in 20-30 deg in Pisces.

But, when we want the 22nd drekkana LORD, the drekkana chart DOES matter. In
order to know who rules 20-30 deg in Pisces, you need to know which sign that
falls in. That depends on the drekkana chart being used. If you use Parasara
drekkana, 20-30 deg in Pisces falls in Scorpio in drekkana chart and Mars is the
lord. If you use Jagannatha drekkana, 20-30 deg in Pisces falls in Pisces in
drekkana chart and Jupiter is the lord. If you use Somanatha drekkana, 20-30 deg
in Pisces falls in Libra in drekkana chart and Venus is the lord.

* * *

The signs containing 22nd drekkana and 64th navamsa in drekkana and navamsa charts (respectively) are also used, apart from their lords. For example, the sign containing 22nd drekkana or 64th navamsa from lagna or Moon may be rising at death.

For example, study the birthchart of Dr BV Raman and his punya chakra (chart of passing away). When he passed away, Sagittarius was rising and had Sun and Moon
in it. Check if Sagittarius is the sign containing 22nd drekkana or 64th navamsa from lagna or Moon or Sun. You will see that the 22nd drekkana from Moon is in Sg, if you use Jagannatha Drekkana. Study some more examples.

May Jupiter's light shine on us,

Brihaspati Gayatri, Vishwamitra/Gaathina Rishi Rig Veda 6.62.6